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Our Mission Statement

At Jackson Property Company we recognize that we are, first and foremost, a service company. Our clients and investors are the sole reason that we are in business. We strive to provide the highest caliber of management, construction and advisory services for our clients, investors and residents by utilizing unchanging principles that are deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian values, vigorous leadership development, a strong work ethic, development and care for our employees, conservative fiscal values, close attention to daily operating detail through continual scrutiny and response to the prevailing dynamics of the marketplace.

We believe that we best serve our investors, clients and residents by limiting our specialties to an array of interconnected and interdependent, but fully integrated, series of disciplines that allow us to maintain an extensive knowledge base in order to support our goal of providing unexcelled service as an asset manager, real estate advisor, construction manager, and property manager for market rate, affordable rate and assisted rental developments.

We believe that our passion for providing unexcelled service to our investors and clients should be transferred to our residents with a similar commitment for service and care. This means establishing and maintaining a focused, service oriented, highly committed and empowered staff to ensure that our properties are well managed and well maintained for our residents.

We believe that bricks, mortar and timbers are only a vehicle to achieve the optimum capital appreciation and yield on a real estate investment. Given two real estate investments with similar locations, characteristics and market conditions, the most successful property will be the one with the best-trained and highly motivated employees who are committed to excellence in their chosen profession and who are supported with ample technology, copious supervision and effective quality control systems.